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When you decide to sell your business the following information will be required to prepare an appraisal or to prepare your business for sale:
  • 3 Years Profit and Loss Statement
  • List of Assets Required to Operate the Business
  • Average Stock on Hand (estimate)
  • Maximum Stock on Hand (estimate)
  • Copy of Lease (Leasehold) or Rates Notice (Freehold)
  • Business Registrations (BN, ABN / ACN)
  • Names of ALL Directors, Shareholders, Beneficiaries or Trustees Description of Business Product or Service Supplied
  • Description of Competitors & Marketplace
  • Solicitor, Accountant & Financial Advisor’s Contact Details
  • Any Encumbrances or Impairments to Business Assets
  • Copies of Existing Licenses, Agreements & Registrations